Phoenix Research Labs’ technologies are designed by scientists, for scientists, to support eye and eye-brain research using mice and rats.

Our optimization for the rodent eye leads to extraordinary performance and high quality images that enable a new area of in vivo observations. Our products have played a key role in numerous longitudinal studies previously not possible.

The Micron IV difference:

Dramatic resolution

Mouse retina resolutions below 3 microns

3 Unique Modalities

Bright field, angiography and fluorescent imaging

Capture Images or Videos

Real-time display with capture of stills or videos

Flexible & Scalable

Add Image-guided OCT, Image-guided Laser, Image-guided ERG scan heads or our Slit Lamp to extend the scope of research


A tremendous leap forward in true image-guided OCT imaging.

We’ve updated and improved every aspect of our already exceptional system; from improved optics in our new scan head, to dramatic performance improvements in our image processing hardware & software. We’ve designed to make capturing stunning OCT images easier and faster than ever before.


A powerful advance in whole-field electrophysiology measurement

Developed specifically for the challenges faced by researchers using laboratory animals, Phoenix delivers technology that fuels scientific discovery. From artifact free removal of mains pickup to enhanced processing and presentation, ERG2 is focused on your research needs.